Bicycle Safety Update

Back in the fall of 2012 I was compelled as a cyclist to research bicycle safety on university campuses. At Purdue University this was a hot topic with several serious incidents between cyclists and pedestrians and cyclists and motor vehicles.This research project started with determining the amount of education there is available for both cyclists and motorists. As a cyclist myself I had questions about the rules and regulations of cycling on and off campus. At a campus as large as Purdue I was shocked to realize there was no one group in charge of bicycle safety or policing the rules of cycling on campus.

Directly following my research a student riding his bicycle through campus struck a CityBus creating yet another incident for university officials to add to their safety requests. As a researcher and facilitator it is always positive when a project and you see the information spread. Today, nearly a year after my research began, Purdue University Announced they are making changes to address campus bicycle and pedestrian needs.