Black/Inside Zine

In the summer of 2012 I participated in Camp Firebelly. During the 10 day camp, 10 campers live and work with Firebelly Design to craft a strategic design solution for a non-profit client, from initial research to final implementation. Focusing on socially responsible design, this years camp consisted of several surprise clients including Project Nia.  We worked for a short few days on this project focusing on the long-term goal of ending youth incarceration through education.

This zine documents important writings from prisoners essential to both racial equality and human rights. The lettering focuses on hand scratched and form based treatments, capturing the same textual experience that prisoners were confronted with. This methodology is used throughout the book in everything from text to image. This was a collaborative project where each of the campers worked on multiple forms of the project and would often share ideas that would be continued and combined with other ideas. With past experience on pre-press and digital file setup I worked on helping all campers save files for print and then completed all pre-flighting of the documents. Below are photos from the creative process and final designs. For a full booklet pdf preview click here.

The zine was used as an educational handout for the opening reception of the Gallery Exhibition titled Black/Inside at the African American Cultural Center Gallery held on October 22, 2012. For photos from the opening reception click here.

Project Details:
8.5 x 5.5 32 pages + cover
Black and Metallic PMS 876 U
500 Copies printed Salsedo Press Chicago, IL

Anu Murthy        Audrey Green
Ivan Alonso        Mai Nguyen
Mei Hsieh           Michelle Wu
Noel Rivard        Quinn Keaveney
Sam Snyder




Layout photos courtesy of Quinn Keaveney.