Grad Dash App

As a Purdue student in the game, you will face five levels before graduating. Once you get your diploma, you will have the opportunity to experience the ultimate level and claim your prize. You will go up against penalty flags, bad grades, snowballs, diving birds, and more that all could jeopardize your graduation. However, items like footballs, den pops, sleds, and paper airplanes will give you the help you need to advance.

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This mobile application was developed from a fun concept to promote the trials and tribulations of being a student at Purdue University. The Purdue Alumni Association wanted a fun way for graduates to celebrate their campus tenure by graduating each phase of being a student.

Artwork was created in Illustrator and Photoshop then exported to the app developing company for final coding. I worked closely with developers at JTA Software in Indianapolis to create a fully developed game that is available on the iTunes App store. To download the app click here.