Imaginative Cartography

The goal of this project was to keep a log of all the places that I visited during a one week period, both real and virtual (e.g. towns, cities, locales, houses, websites, databases, mailing lists, emails, etc.). Then try to draw a map of my journey, using four 11”x17” sheets of paper and additional materials as needed. We were to connect these pieces of paper however necessary were also allowed to use whatever media needed to imprint the map (i.e. drawing, digital print, etc.). The goal was to concentrate upon the relationship between the data that was gathered and the way it is represented.


Materials Used: Four 11″x17″ sheets of paper with printed virtual locations, 7 identical maps printed on transparency paper. Maps were drawn out in corresponding colors as the virtual locations were printed in for each day recorded.  Transparency sheets were attached to 11″x17″ printouts which were attached to a sheet of cardboard. Entire project is hung from a higher location so that the maps can be viewed at eye level.