I had the opportunity to work for Ryan as her Student Designer for a little over a year and could not think more highly of a Director I reported to, teacher, or professional individual. She has such passion for staying current and creating innovative design solutions. Ryan’s dedication is truly contagious as she is incredibly talented. Anyone who gets a chance work with her or learn from her will not be disappointed. Ryan is a true role model and I hope has the opportunity to pass along her plethora of design-knowledge to other hungry design students in the future.

Jill Leach, Former Student Graphic Designer, The Purdue Alumni Association

I have worked with Ryan for the past two years creating and executing all marketing materials for Purdue Alumni Association membership. Ryan is very creative and detail oriented. She brings fresh ideas, constructive feedback, and goes above and beyond what is asked of her. Not only does Ryan design eye-catching pieces, but she also has a good understanding of how her role is integral in attracting new members and informing current members. Ryan has also taught me many things about visual communication that I use daily in my job at Purdue Alumni and my photography business. Anyone looking for a top-notch Art Director or Designer will find it in Ryan.

Julie Hendon, Former Director of Membership, The Purdue Alumni Association

Ryan is a designer who makes an impact. She is passionate about her work, demanding excellence from herself and expecting it from those around her. Her dependably high level of creativity, her attention to detail and her assiduous efforts to meet deadlines place Ryan in a rare and elite class of designers. The Purdue Alumni Association has been fortunate to benefit from her talent and dedication to the job.

Dan Rhodes, Former Vice President of Marketing, The Purdue Alumni Association

In today’s fast paced marketing environment getting your message out quickly is essential for success. Ryan’s knowledge of the print process and file creation make it easy for us to produce effective & timely marketing materials. Her creativity and artistic acumen are rare for someone with her technical abilities. Working with Ryan the last couple of years has been a absolute pleasure.

Darrel Bossung, Sales Manager, The National Group

It is rare today to find a graphic designer that delivers quality creative work on-time, on-budget, on-target with a minimal amount of direction. Ryan has helped us build our publications with her excellent design skills and we look forward to our continuing and growing relationship.

B.J. Frazier, Publisher & President, Coastal Fun Info LLC

In the time that I have worked with Ryan I have found her to be extremely professional and very easy to work with. She takes every task and makes it her own and that gives the job a very personal touch. I appreciate the fact that Ryan includes me in the process and gives me opportunities for input.

Chad Johnson, Chief Operations Officer, Purdue Alumni Association

I have known Ryan (Kough) for going on three years now. We started at SCAD at the same time, and I have had the greatest privilege of becoming her friend. Ryan is one of the most hardworking people I know. She has so much to offer with any project she comes across. Ideas flow out of her with ease. She is one of the most creative people I know, whether while she is working on packaging for spices or campaigning against skin cancer. She takes no small task for granted. She knows that constructive criticism and hard work will help her achieve the best work capable. She is not afraid to ask opinions, and takes them into consideration. She strives for the best work possible, and succeeds after much dedication. She also has one of the biggest hearts. She has done multiple marches towards helping breast cancer research as well as always lending a hand to a friend in need. I am so grateful to have met her, and anyone else who works with her will agree that she is someone you will learn to appreciate and trust.”

Caitlin Clarke, Fashion Design, SCAD

I had the opportunity to work with Ryan and see her implement creative solutions that not only answered the problem, but did so with a fresh approach appropriate for the project. She has many tools, the best being her fresh ideas for getting a message across to the audience with the right language of design. Ryan is dedicated and will go the extra step to surpass expectations of a project. Her work is unique and full of personality. She’s outgoing and friendly and a pleasure to work alongside.

Dave Jolda, Graphic Design, SCAD