Founding a nonprofit

Creation of a nonprofit and a social movement can be two different things. In the case of ReInvision Huntingdon, it became one initiative that is near and dear to my heart. In the fall of 2015 I began researching and identifying local organization in my hometown of Huntingdon. There were plenty of local initiatives focusing on food, civic engagement, drop-in needs, abuse networks, art nonprofits, landmark and historical societies, parks and roads, etc. But, there was not a single organization focused solely on overall Community Revitalization.

ReInvision Huntingdon (RIH) was started in the fall of 2015 as an “independent group of activists seeking community input to enrich Huntingdon.” By the spring of 2016 the organization  became a nonprofit with a board of directors and focused on community revitalization through public discussion meetings.

For me, this project directly ties in my research agenda and community engagement goals tied to the Community Design Ecosystem. I worked to create opportunities for community revitalization through connected networks, and design for good to see a more beautiful and revitalized town.

WTAJ News Story coverage of the Huntingdon Community Food and other ReInvision initiatives.

Our mission is to facilitate community development by creating a positive atmosphere to share ideas and to strengthen our community through project-based revitalization. For more information visit