Color in Design

Did you ever wonder what the properties of color are? What are color effects or transpositions? How do you go about researching color when diagrams seem so daunting?  If you have asked yourself any of these questions then you are in the right place! This series of booklets includes research on many aspects of color. This compilation of information will allow the reader to better understand color in the world around us. In areas of graphic design, home decor, preferences and even color forecasting, this research will allow for reflection on what is already known and what curiosities you have to continue to learn about color.

Above you will see a diagram of the books the order in which I recommend reading them. The covers transform from cool to warm, reflecting a learning curve covering a wide spectrum of valuable knowledge. By reading the materials covered in the following booklets, you will leave with a balanced understanding of the color in the world around you.

In the book Color Image Research you can learn about the ways professional Colorists research markets and businesses to help drive sales. In this section the actual diagrams used throughout my research are included to help to further your education of color.  When looking into color image, Color Forecasting comes into play as a key component to design creation and marketing of products to consumers. The forecasting section explains the main companies around the world that work to forecast color with the goal of mass-produced trends for their clients. The last section of this series is the Color Reflections booklet. This section explains the overall reflection of my research including areas of interest that have grown through my research.

Materials used: Hand crafted White Acrylic laser cut box. The series of seven booklets were printed on FSC Certified Cougar White Paper in Smooth Finish 100 lb. Cover


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4 the Love of Wood Type

I attended an Society of Typographic Arts workshop at the Hamilton Wood Type Museum in Two Rivers, WI. I was so lucky to choose my wood type from drawers upon drawers of American history, mix my inks by hand, and experiment with a handful of other passionate print makers. Rather than printing random prints I focused the weekend on printing a series of posters focusing on line and hierarchy.  These are a few of the prints from the workshop.

Dimensions: 12” W x 18” H

Grad Dash App

As a Purdue student in the game, you will face five levels before graduating. Once you get your diploma, you will have the opportunity to experience the ultimate level and claim your prize. You will go up against penalty flags, bad grades, snowballs, diving birds, and more that all could jeopardize your graduation. However, items like footballs, den pops, sleds, and paper airplanes will give you the help you need to advance.

iPhone_GradDash1 iPhone_GradDash2 iPhone_GradDash3 iPhone_GradDash5 iPhone_GradDash4













This mobile application was developed from a fun concept to promote the trials and tribulations of being a student at Purdue University. The Purdue Alumni Association wanted a fun way for graduates to celebrate their campus tenure by graduating each phase of being a student.

Artwork was created in Illustrator and Photoshop then exported to the app developing company for final coding. I worked closely with developers at JTA Software in Indianapolis to create a fully developed game that is available on the iTunes App store. To download the app click here.


Imaginative Cartography

The goal of this project was to keep a log of all the places that I visited during a one week period, both real and virtual (e.g. towns, cities, locales, houses, websites, databases, mailing lists, emails, etc.). Then try to draw a map of my journey, using four 11”x17” sheets of paper and additional materials as needed. We were to connect these pieces of paper however necessary were also allowed to use whatever media needed to imprint the map (i.e. drawing, digital print, etc.). The goal was to concentrate upon the relationship between the data that was gathered and the way it is represented.


Materials Used: Four 11″x17″ sheets of paper with printed virtual locations, 7 identical maps printed on transparency paper. Maps were drawn out in corresponding colors as the virtual locations were printed in for each day recorded.  Transparency sheets were attached to 11″x17″ printouts which were attached to a sheet of cardboard. Entire project is hung from a higher location so that the maps can be viewed at eye level.

Design Recruitment Series

This series was created to recruit potential students to attend design school. This poster series won a Silver Student ADDY and also the Judges Choice Award at the 2011 ADDY awards in the North Central Indiana chapter.

All posters were created with digital images with little adjustments other than color. Spaghettio’s were arranged and allowed to dry out for a few days in order to get this photo.

SCAD Academic Calendars

These poster were created as part of a series. The series focused on the different ways to treat type within a layout using fusion, fragmentation, inversion and separation. The calenders shown are the 2007/08 academic calendars for Savannah College of Art and Design. To emphasize the styles, original photography was a mixture with typography. Actual size 27” x 42”.