Abstract Creativity

Time: 1:38
Software: Premiere Pro CS5.5
Source footage from the Prelinger Archives: Color Harmony (1938), Atomic Bomb Blast Effects (1959), Metaverse (2007), Color Keying in Art and Living (1950). Six additional source videos taken summer 2012 at The National Group

Description: Exploring light and color, Abstract Creativity works to showcase what happens during the creative process from concept to finished product. From the original concept represented here as the smoke plum, the way designers and artists see color, and the gears of the creative process churning Abstract Creativity represents each persons unique process. Meant to be left open for interpretation both source footage and previously shot video was combined to create a mixed message. In addition to source footage, color bars were introduced to allow another dimension of the creative process. Video was chosen based on color, light and texture including use of imagery such as industrial objects with clicking and running sounds. Audio was pulled from each source video and then removed and replaced in another area during editing. Overall three audio layers were created layering the various sources with one another. An additional three video layers were created with clips inserted and adjusted to make the final video.