Use what you have

The intentions of the series Use What You Have was strictly adhered to. This series of prints used materials that were given to me or already in my possession of art supplies. At the end of this print run every last sheet of paper was used, all ink on the printmaking matrix was printed whether on paper or newsprint. In the end each print was then turned into a multimedia print with additional materials that were applied to the original press print. The main intention of the series was to remind designers to use the skills, materials, network and local materials. Materials included paper leftover from local printer recycling bin, laser cut cardboard that the paper was transported in, laser cut OSB board from a recent home roof project and other various art supplies. For a full list of supplies please read below.

Not all prints are shown here. Please contact me if you are interested in seeing more of the series.

White 100lb Cover Stock Hammermill paper All prints 20 “ x 30”
     used leftover paper that was purchased at the start of the year to print Say What You Mean series

Pantone Process Inks
     supplied by local printer The National Group

Laser cut OSB board
     from last springs home roof redo project

     That my paper came in at the start of the year

Bubble wrap
     My books were wrapped in from Amazon

Black matte board tape
    From my associates degree…. too many years ago!

Krylon furniture spray paint
    Found in the spray booth in PAO Hall 1119 at the end of the semester

    From my undergraduate degree at SCAD


Inked Laser cut OSB board

Consecutive prints from one ink run until ink ran to faint grey

My favorite prints of the nearly 40 prints that came from the Use What you Have Series were created on the very first run. While testing the pressure on the press I used the laser cut OSB sprayed with a fine mist of water and a single piece of paper. Below are the limited edition prints that came from this process. Only 4 prints were made from the OSB wood  matrix before it was inked and used for all other prints in the series.


One of the prints from this series was accepted into the 2012 Westwood Competition. This semiannual juried art competition is open to undergraduate and graduate students in the Patti and Rusty Rueff School of Visual and Performing Arts at Purdue. Artworks are judged by Westwood staff and residents, and accepted works are exhibited at Westwood, the residence of Purdue University’s president. Westwood is a private residence and is not open to the public, but private viewings are available, and Westwood hosts a reception for the accepted artists and their friends and family each semester.

IMG_5113 copy